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14 March/Posted by vrlove

Hello everybody!

Today we wanted to share with you the progress on the very first version of the game.

We have added many morphs to our female character so you can customize the body shape and facial features as much as you want.

For sure we will end up changing that crappy interface 🙂

Check  the changelist for the version 0.1 below:

  • Main Menu
    • Options
      • Graphics Quality
      • Windowed/Fullscreen Modes
      • Quality Settings
    • Auto. generation for first character
    • Customize character
      • Body Morphs
      • Head Morphs
      • Female/Male switcher
    • Remove Character
    • Add Character
    • Rotate character with click
    • Quit Game Button
    • Hidden mock-up for login and register (Visible in future versions)
    • Save System
  • Gameplay
    • Player controller
      • Look around with mouse
      • Rotate player towards movement direction if moving forward
      • Select secondary target with Left Click
      • Select primary target/open actions menu with Right Click
  • Actions
    • Execute actions
    • Earn experience while executing actions
    • Actions have experience constraints
    • Visible excitation bar when using actions
    • Orgasm button appears among the other actions when excitation bar is full.
    • Executing orgasm will set the excitation to 0
    • Cancel action button
    • Excitation decreases with time if not performing actions
    • Fade in/out and teleport to target when executing actions (ready to put action animations here)
    • Action objects (yellow box) can be set as targets to perform actions (chairs, pole dance, bottles, beds, etc)
    • Set a character as secondary target and an action object as primary target to perform actions with the secondary on the secondary target
  • In-Game Menu
    • Open/Close with Esc (missing animation)
    • Inventory (List inventory here. It’s working but player has no items)
    • Main Menu (Back to main menu)
    • Contacts (Not implemented)
    • Options (May remove this from here)
    • Actions (List all actions. Grayed out actions are not executable due to some constraint missing, like experience)
    • Quit game button
    • Home button (Resume game or back to previous screen)


Posted by vrlove